• New Technologies for new era

New technologies are developed to make things easier and simpler. With the emergence of HTML5 and CSS3 the web site development happens to be quite easier in this modern web era. HTML5 answers the vital needs in the modern web and solves several conditions that just weren’t covered in the older versions of HTML (like HTML4 and 4.1). It is also backed up by the technology giants like Google, Microsoft,  and Firefox. It indicates that HTML5 aims to integrate web related technologies and mobile platforms easily to offer a unified web experience. This is the reason why web-developers aren’t using the old tecjnologies any more like Flash, or PSD to HTML conversion.

  • HTML5 & Responsive Design

HTML5, as well as CSS3 and JavaScript, helps developers to make responsive websites that will work perfectly on any screen resolution. Also, the HTML5 applications deliver optimized viewing experience on desktops, laptops, smartphones, tablets and even smart watches!!! Unlike native and hybrid mobile apps, the HTML5 mobile apps will work on any mobile or even desktop operating system. Major os’s and internet explorer currently offer the fifth version of HTML. Hence, the easier choice becomes for developers to handle, update and distribute the mobile phone applications without any hassle. There are also numerous main reasons why many analysts think that HTML5 is beginning to change the mobile app development landscape consistently.

Unfortunately each internet browser differs from the others and they also support slightly cool features from HTML5. Some support video, some support vector graphics and many don’t. Internet Explorer 8 really has 14% on the browser market which is one of the many internet browsers that will not support any HTML5 whatsoever.

  • PHP & HTML5 for great web apps

You need to pick the right sort of programming language that’ll help you with HTML5 & CSS3 creating more dynamic and good web apps. PHP website design is only those types of tools you can use to offer an effective website as well as for you to definitely cut costs too. It will also have the ability to allow you to fulfill the demands as well as of your respective customers not having a difficult time and without spending a lot of cash too.

  • Modern CMS apps

WordPress, Magneto, Joomla, and Drupal CMS systems would be the most recent trend in the area of website design. With developers and online marketers realizing that the employment with the efficient CMS is capable of delivering additional complex features than simply publishing content or posting pictures online. CMSs are now used to create reach web apps such as e-commerce applications, social networks, and pretty much anything you can imagine.

  • Don’t use Flash now

All modern browsers now don’t support flash player as it is found to have a lot of security issues, and by using it, you are risking losing a lot of potential clients as their devices, and browsers don’t support Flash content. You will also will suffer from bad search engine ranking as Google and all major search engines don’t like Flash content.